No matter what field you are in, the principles of coaching remain the same.  

In sports, a coach enables an athlete to achieve optimum performance and execute plays that their competition does not anticipate. They will make you run more laps, work harder than you would on your own, push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you and help you build resilience.

As a negotiation coach, I do many of the same things, but in a way that is focused on empowering individuals and teams to take control and maximise value in all types of negotiations.

Through a supportive but challenging approach, coaching will provide a sustained capability solution and will equip you and/or your company with the tools, behaviours and processes that will put you on the front foot of all your negotiations. 

Negotiation is a ritual, a process and a game, therefore it is my job, just like a sports coach, to make you focus on the game and maximise results!

Areas of Study

Effective Negotiation: The Fundamentals

An introduction to the fundamental components of negotiation: understand the different types, strategies and styles of negotiation in order to maximise results.

Self-Control & Managing Discomfort

How to take control of your emotions, accept the pressures of perceived conflict and not let your sense of fairness influence your decisions.

Shift Expectations, Read Breakpoints & Trade Concessions Effectively

How to consciously and intentionally influence the aspirations of your counterpart, identify the point at which your counterpart cannot do business and trade variables off against each other effectively to increase the profitability of the deal.

Questioning & Listening

Question effectively to understand the priorities of the other party and actively listen for information which will help progress the negotiation.

Planning & Preparation

Information is Power. Learn how to prospect, predict, plot and position yourself throughout the negotiation process. Introduce creative variables, identify options and remain open to alternative options to maximise the value of the deal.

Creating Climate for Trust

How to build rapport and create the appropriate climate to compliment your strategy

How It Works

All coaching programmes are bespoke and would be fully tailored to your needs, drawing from the list of key topics above and/or specific challenges you are experiencing in your negotiations.

Using both virtual and face to face methods, coaching is designed to self-empower and increase both your confidence and capability.

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