If you want to achieve optimal results in your negotiations it is essential that you engage and communicate effectively with other people.

We have partnered with Praesentia Training to provide transformative communication skills training in order to provide additional support in maximising your potential as a negotiator.

areas of study

Effective Communication: the Fundamentals

An introduction to powerful guiding principles of great communication: how to connect with your content, your own feelings, and the needs and feelings of your audience using practical techniques. 

Rapport-Building & First Impressions

How to make another person feel like ‘the only person in the room’, make positive first impressions and build lasting bonds.

Persuasive Speech

Being able to direct our listener towards a particular outcome is a powerful skillset for most professionals; particularly in sales, marketing and business development.

Presentations & Pitching

Becoming an effective, compelling, presenter is achievable for everyone using simple behaviours that will be practiced in these sessions.

Gesture, Posture & Movement

Posture is hugely important in commanding the interest of our audience, whilst skilled use of gesture adds detail, nuance and efficiency.

Preparing & Managing Difficult Conversations

Methodical analysis of the circumstances around a tricky conversation always provides the roadmap to a successful outcome.

how it works

All coaching programmes are bespoke and would be fully tailored to your needs, drawing from the list of key topics above and/or specific challenges you are currently experiencing.

Using both virtual and face to face methods, coaching is designed to self-empower and increase both your confidence and capability.

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