case study

Linksap Europe Ltd

Despite some pre-workshop scepticism from some of our team on how their negotiations skills could be improved, the feedback afterwards across our sales team was extremely positive. From my point of view, James was the most engaging and professional presenter I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve spent in the recruitment industry. 

The workshop was a perfect blend of theory as well as practical case studies which involved (and challenged) all of the team members. They were certainly taken out of their comfort zone and certainly learnt a lot about themselves and their strengths/weaknesses during the day.  James packs a lot into one day and not once did I see any of our team lose concentration or interest, that’s no mean feat in itself.

Since the workshop, there’s been a noticeable difference in the way our sales team handle negotiations on both the client and the candidate side, relating to rate and margin negotiation.  They are now better equipped to interpret tone; both verbal and written and they can also better identify weaknesses/bargaining points from the “other side”.  

Before the workshop, we had hoped that this training would help increase our average gross margin across our contractor book and I am pleased to say that now (6 months later), we have increased our average gross margin by 2.3% which makes a huge difference to our profitability.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James to any company who’s workforce rely heavily on negotiation and are looking for immediate results.

Alistair Coker - Director & Co-Founder