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24th January 2019



As a negotiation coach I passionately believe negotiation is a fundamental skill in life and arguably the most important discipline in business. It is my mission to empower individuals and SME's across all sectors around the globe to take control and maximise value in all types of negotiations.

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The Negotiator Programme


A unique experiential learning programme guaranteed to self-empower and maximise results.

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Negotiation Coaching


Bespoke coaching programmes designed to embed learning and deliver sustained behavioural change.

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Communication Coaching


Transformative communication coaching programmes designed to build confidence and maximise your potential. 

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"Absolutely brilliant - insightful with the right balance of theory & practical application"

Alistair Coker - Linksap Europe Ltd (Director & Co-Founder)

The Negotiator in a city near you?

As a negotiation coach it is my mission to empower people around the world to take control, grow in confidence and reach their maximum potential as a negotiator. 

For this reason I deliver The Negotiator Programme in cities all around the world!

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